Rostang, French Brasserie

Blog updated: August 31, 2014

I’m sorry to say that what used to be one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, Rostang – The French Brasserie, has been through a few changes lately. First they changed the name to Le Brasserie – and after returning to Dubai this summer I got the sad news that the popular Grape Escape on thursday nights has changed to Funky Bar Bites. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it a try one evening, being as it is in my neighborhood.

Rostang – The French Brasserie at Atlantis The Palm is another favourite, especially Thursday nights and “The Grape Escape” – a gastronomic journey to explore great food and wine. To give it a little twist, similar wines from a “New World” country is introduced as competition to see which wine suits your palate the most.

We normally start the evening with a glass of wine in the restaurant’s bar. Should you opt for the package including selected beverages, you’ll not be charged for the wine you drink at the bar as long as you choose one of the selected wines for the evening.

The seafood bar is my favourite – king crab, lobster tail, lobster claw and much more – topped with aioli “to die for.”

According to my craboholic friend – Rostang serves up the best Tourteau crab in town! And if you like slurping oysters, you’ll find them too…

The pork station, a favourite with my husband, offers excellent cuts of pork meat and other great dishes. In addition, you’ll find a salad bar, a live cooking station and Soup du jour. The main course is a variety of traditional French specialties presented to you by your waiter and served at your convenience.

Then there is the cheese table! After indulging in delicious French cheese – I can’t even look in the direction of the dessert display – and that says a lot coming from a “sweet tooth” like me!

“The Grape Escape” is highly recommended and good value for money!

How lucky am I having this chic Parisian restaurant almost within walking distance from my home!

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In February 2016 I moved back to my native Norway after 13 years in Dubai, preceeded by two years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Before becoming a full time expat in 2001, I had a carrer as a travel consultant in Norway. My expat portfolio also includes six of my teenage years in Bahrain many moons ago and two years in Southport, Connecticut, USA.

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