Der Keller (German)

If eisbein (literally translates to ice leg/bone) or other porky dishes takes your fancy – then Der Keller is the restaurant for you.

This German restaurant goes, according to Dubai standard, a long way back – being one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai. Der Keller used to be located in the old Chicago Beach Hotel before that got demolished to give way to the flashier Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Many old-timers in Dubai were upset when the restaurant disappeared from the map and equally happy when Der Keller re-emerged in Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The location is perhaps a bit incognito. Take the lift to the first floor and turn right. After passing the hairdresser you’ll see the name on the red brick wall above the arch and iron gate.

Walking inside you get a feeling of entering an authentic German restaurant and bar – a bar that offers a special selection of German beers and wines and the restaurant serves traditional German cuisine – pork being the main focus.

What is eisbein?

The famous German eisbein.
The famous German eisbein.

Eisbein is the German name for a culinary dish involving the pickled ham hock (pork knuckle), usually boiled. In Der Keller they serve it boiled or crispy. It’s accompanied by sauerkraut (of course), mashed potato and very strong horseradish.

We have experienced arriving at the restaurant only to find out that they were out of eisbein – not fun when accompanied by hungry men who tend to get a bit grumpy when they don’t get what they came for!

If eisbein is what you want – order in advance!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m not a big fan of pork, but that’s not really a problem when dining at Der Keller. They do have options. On our last visit I opted for J√§gerschnitzel (veal escalope) with a creamy mushroom sauce and a green salad. Very tender and tasty!

There is really no need for starters, or dessert for that matter, as the main course is more than ample for most of us, especially if you can’t stop eating the delicious bread put in front of you upon arrival.

Could mention that our waiter was a bit confused and got a few orders mixed up, but with a loud group of eight – that can be forgiven.

All in all a good dining experience where everyone left with the intention of not eating for the next few days!

Visited 30th October 2012.

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In February 2016 I moved back to my native Norway after 13 years in Dubai, preceeded by two years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Before becoming a full time expat in 2001, I had a carrer as a travel consultant in Norway. My expat portfolio also includes six of my teenage years in Bahrain many moons ago and two years in Southport, Connecticut, USA.

4 thoughts on “Der Keller (German)

  1. Dear Randi! I am so proud of you, your blog is great, I read it every time you enter something new, and it usually brings back very fond memories of our time in Dubai – we had so much fun together! Inshallah – we will be back for a visit some day! Miss you both a lot and keep on blogging! Much love, Lisa

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Lisa!
      So nice to hear that my blog can bring back fond memories – and yes, we did have a lot of fun in the sun…
      Hope to see you in this part of the world soon!
      Big hug Randi

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