About My Fabled Land of Arabia

A local lady graciously let me take a photo of her lovely UAE Narional Day bracelet.

After 13 years in my fabled land of Arabia I have tremendous respect for what Dubai has accomplished. Although, not always easy, I’m greatful for having lived in Dubai during her growing pains. We witnessed history in the making as my fabled land of Arabia blossomed from a mere city to a metropolis in just over a decade – and she’s still growing. Of course there has been, and still are, some hitches and glitches, but we have to look at the big picture and the phenomenal achievement Dubai has accomplished during this brief moment in time.

Dubai is a versitile blend of cultures, awe inspiering architectural designs, amazing beaches and beautiful desert landscape – and a cornucopia of activities, shopping, restaurants, hotels and spas – an exciting mecca for tourists and residents alike.

You lured me in and captured my heart. You challanged me many times by handing me my shares of ups and downs, but a big part of my heart will always belong to you and your people, my fabled land of Arabia. ~ Randi 

Of course there is a flip side to living in the hustle and bustle of a big city – and Dubai is no exception with its congested roads, parking issues, crowded malls, never ending construction and pollution.

I found that living in Dubai became a lot easier when looking at life with a good sense of humor. Dubai is a melting pot with people from all corners of the world – and different walks of life. Naturally there are cultural differences and language misunderstandings – both frustrating and amusing at times.

My relationship with Dubai was at times that of a “love-hate” relationship that goes back to our early days and the first house we rented. Most houses in Dubai look great from afar, but when you get up close and personal – not so much! My frustration was not only the constant flow of maintenance guys in the house, but the way the builder advertised the property, “We don’t sell houses – we sell a 5-star lifestyle.” Not much of a 5-star lifestyle when all you do is cater for maintenance guys going through your home days on end.

I have no intention to write about films, but I would like to mention “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” It’s such a feelgood film and a MUST see! In the film there is a reference to an Indian saying that I would sometimes chant to ease the stress when things got a bit out of hand in Dubai.

It will be all right in the end. If it's not all right - it's not yet the end. ~ Unknown

4 thoughts on “About My Fabled Land of Arabia

  1. Dubai is so misunderstood!! I am happy you have this blog and write about the good times one can experience there. After reading ” Mother without a mask” by Patricia Holton, and “City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism [Jim Krane] ” I realized that when you live in Dubai, you are part of making that place, like the pioneers that made New York. Except, in Dubai, the Indians (Arabs) are in charge 😉 Very few realize that Dubai is a great example of how one solves the major problems in todays world: 1_: Overpopulation (the desert is a perfect place to build a country without exploiting agricultural lands), and building a bridge between the two major fighting forces in the world today: Islam vs. Western civilization. With your blog you are part of that bridge/peace/understanding movement :-)))

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my blog, dear myggwiz! Much appreciated! It would make me very happy if my little blog could make a small contribution to the undestanding of how we’re not that different… I also think the key word is RESPECT! If we respect and embrace our differences instead of bickering about what’s best or who’s belife is the right one – we can move mountains! Dubai had in many ways shown that the impossible is, in fact, possible!

  2. Randi, I am very proud of you writing this blog, you are doing a fabulous job, and I shall be following it for sure! As one who lived there in the early years and saw the ” seeds in the sand”, it is a wonderful way for me to stay tuned to the unfolding of the fabled land! Especially as I just returned from a Medical Mission to Honduras, the contrast is unreal! So yes, kudos to the Dubai Government for sure and for you to share the experiences so beautifully )

    1. Thank you for your lovely words and encouragement, dear Lisa! 😉 I still miss all the fun we had in the early days. Especially cruising in your green BMW Convertible 😎… Those were the days! You really have to come visit, and see for yourself how the “seeds in the sand” have bloomed. I admire the work you’re doing – and I’m sure Honduras is a big contrast to any place I’ve ever visited. Big hug! 😘

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